QUALITY OF WORK

I use NOS parts as much as possible.  However, I will not put
substandard caps, resistors, and cords in a radio to be repaired.  
These will be brand new as needed.  If you wish filters or older
caps to be stuffed with new ones, we will discuss price.  Normally
all my work is under the chassis and not seen anyway.  I align the
set according to specifications and clean controls as a matter of
course and do not charge extra.  The radio will be playing as well
(or better!) than when it was new, before I ship it back to you.

Most of these sets are 50+ years old and may have a tube fail or other component
give up at a moment's notice, especially after rough handling!  As always, you will
pay for shipping cost both ways when a radio is returned for warranty work.

    All NOS or used parts that I have replaced and labor for 30 days

    All new parts that I have replaced and labor for 90 days.