About Us
                            About Our Business

I have been repairing radios since I was in grade school.  My father was a
Radio and TV repairman from the 20's through the 80's and gave me a good
start in the trade.  We have kept the radio stock and inventory from his old
shop, so we have many old and obscure parts.

                           Cost of Repair

It is hard to give a flat rate for the cost of repair of a radio.  They are all unique
and have different problems.  I have found over the years that sometimes they
can be fixed with just a tube or filters.  Others need extensive care.  I will be
glad to give you an estimate over the phone or by e-mail after a description of
its problems before you send it.  I will not do additional work above the
estimate when I have the radio until I get your approval.  You are responsible
for shipping costs both ways.  I would recommend insurance as well.

                    Restoration or Refinishing

Restoring radios is an art!  I send my cabinets to a man who does an excellent
job in this field.  You can specify what type of finish you want, etc.  This
includes replacing veneer, toning or repairing wood cabinets and painting
metal or plastic cabinets.  A complete restoration can be done with
refinishing, new plastic dial covers, grille cloth, speakers re-coned, knobs (if
available), etc.

A refinishing or restoration job requires that you send or email a photo of the
radio and discuss estimates of cost before you send it to me.

                Sending Equipment for Repair

The best way to ship a small table radio is to wrap it in bubble wrap, put it in a
box, and then put it in another box and pack with Styrofoam peanuts.  
Wrapping or packing with newspapers, plastic bags, air pillows or shredded
paper does not work!  If it is a larger tombstone or console, all I need is the
chassis and speaker.  Pack the chassis separate (if possible!) and speaker
separate (with cardboard over the front to protect the cone!).